Playful Minds Programme

Helping children manage stress, worries and anxiety


6 week small group program for children aged 7-12 years

Monday 3:45 – 4:45 from the 7th August for 6 weeks


Sometimes being a child is hard work! Worries and stresses are all around us. It can be hard to understand these big emotions and talk about what is going on. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the words.


The Playful Minds/Stronger Brains program uses dramatherapy and creative approaches to support children in understanding and managing their worries and anxieties and find strategies to help them cope.


Our small group program offers children an opportunity to:

  • understand and manage their emotions

  • express themselves more effectively

  • develop social skills and resilience

  • manage their worries and anxieties

  • build self esteem, self worth and positive feelings about themselves

  • realise they are not alone

  • have a lot of fun!

Why dramatherapy and creative approaches?


Creativity and play are two of the foundation blocks from which children first start to learn about themselves and their world. Sometimes it can be hard for our children to understand big emotions and talk about their feelings. When we explore an issue creatively, we can begin to look at it from another point of view. Dramatherapy is a form of psychological therapy that uses creative approaches to explore life's challenges. By using an array of creative interventions, we help children see their issues from a different perspective and learn to flex their ‘self-reflection’ muscle.


How to explain Playful Minds/Stronger Brains to children


Playful Minds is a creative therapy program where you get learn about yourself, your friendships and relationships, your feelings and how to deal with things happening in your life. You will be doing creative activities like drama, storytelling, playing games and art making but it isn’t about being a drama whiz or a star performer on stage. It’s about using creative techniques to understand ourselves and our experiences better.


How to book:


Call Penny our Practice Manager and she will confirm your place in the group. The group is kept small so places are extremely limited.


Prior to the group starting you and your child will need to attend an individual session to meet Natalie, our dramatherapist, hear about the group and discuss how the program can best support your child.


If your child is outside of the age range please still give us a call and we will take your details as we will be offering more groups later in the year.