Workshops, Seminars & Keynote Speaking

Workshops for children

Building Emotional Intelligence

Managing stress and anxiety, building healthy brains, understanding yourself


Tween to Teen: Transitioning to high school

Coping with change, self-esteem issues, body image, pressure and friendships

Seminars for parents

Bring up Greak Kids Programme (Australian Childhood Foundation)


       A parenting programme using attachment and neuropsychology as its base. 

Secure kids: Forming Connections with your kids​

Building bonds before adolescence, understand changing brains and using effective strategies


Secure Kids: Helping Children Manage Emotions and Build Resilience​

Managing and protecting kids from trauma

Workshops for teachers


Trauma-informed practice in the classroom


Creating safety and security in the classroom and working with difficult, anxious or traumatised children. Seminar covers the latest research from neuroscience, attachment theory and interpersonal neurobiology.


Mental Health in the classroom


Combining positive learning environment with children’s mental health development. How to enhance children’s emotional development while helping them learn.

Keynote Speaking


Katharine has been invited to be a keynote speaker at a number of events, including:


  • 2013 & 2014 International Foster Care Conference "Tell Someone Who Cares"

  • New Parents Seminar - Northern Beaches

  • Various NSW Primary School Parenting Talks

  • Australian Independent School Counsellors' Conference 2017

  • Catholic Schools Parents Conference

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