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Dramatherapy is a form of psychological therapy that uses creative approaches to explore life's challenges. Through drama and storytelling, we help kids deal with the serious stuff. 

By using an array of creative interventions, we help your children see their issues from a different perspective and learn to flex their ‘self-reflection’ muscle. We believe that when children feel free to use their imagination and explore their emotions through play, they feel confident and ready to meet life’s challenges with positivity and strength.

As dramatherapists, we learn about your individual stories and we help you make sense of it all in a non-threatening way. We offer you and your children a safe environment to explore and deal with personal or social difficulties and overwhelming emotions.

Dramatherapy isn’t about being a drama whiz or a star performer on stage. It’s about using creative techniques and the power of imagination to understand ourselves and our experiences better. To feel empowered, connected and understood. Dramatherapy is a creative and compassionate approach to therapy.

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